Blue Ribbon

The Blue Ribbon Campaign began in 1989 when a Virginia grandmother, Bonnie Finney, tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van “to make people wonder.”

Her tragic story was about the abuse of her grandchildren. Her 16 month old granddaughter had been severely beaten, hospitalized with a leg broken in four places and burns from the tops of her fingers to her tiny wrists. Her grandson, 3 year old Bubba, had been killed, wrapped in sheets, stuffed in a toolbox and dumped in a swamp. Ms. Finney’s granddaughter’s abuse and grandson’s death occurred at the hands of the two people who should have loved them most, their parents.

Why blue? To never forget the battered and bruised bodies of her grandchildren.

In this grandmother’s grief, she gave us a symbol around which we rally for the cause of child abuse prevention. The act of one grandmother hundreds of miles away inspired the blue ribbon as an international symbol of child abuse awareness and prevention.

Blue is a constant reminder to fight for our children.