The Child Advocacy Center offers child abuse investigators a child-friendly setting for interviewing alleged victims of child abuse.  Our child-friendly setting at Dunebrook is safe and comfortable not only for the victim but for the witnesses of the abuse and family members.  We utilize a discreet monitoring and recording capabilities in order to support the victim and family.  An on-staff forensic interviewer is available to conduct the child interviews as needed and requested by law enforcement and/or the Department of Child Services.  The Family Advocate will also meet with the non-offending care giver to explain the interview process, give reassurance regarding the process, give referral and support the victim and the family throughout entire process.

  • Families are referred for forensic interview services at Dunebrook’s CAC by the Department of Child Services and/or law enforcement. No self-referrals for forensic interview services are accepted.
  • Once referred, the child and family will be respectfully and confidentially assisted in the interview process. Dunebrook interviewers are trained in a nationally recognized Child First protocol for interviewing children and preparing for court.
  • All evidence gathered through the interview process is released to law enforcement according to protocols collaboratively developed by the Multi- Disciplinary Team.
  • Community resource referral are available for all families served by Dunebrook’s Child Advocacy Center.

Additional Programs within the CAC:

  • Body Safety Program: this is a prevention and education program presented in the schools to elementary and middle age children. This presentation empowers children to protect themselves, teaching them that they have the right to say “NO” to inappropriate touch.  The program is a very powerful experience with lifelong positive self-esteem benefits.

Please call our free, confidential number for additional information: 1-800-897-0007