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CLIP: Chat with Lin Koh & Denise Conlon of NIPSCO

Jeanne Ann chats with Lin Koh & Denise Conlon of NIPSCO

A. Nipsco Guests:

a. Denise Conlin – The manager for public affairs

b. Lynn Co- The director of auditing c. They have both been with Nipsco about 20 years

B. Lisa: . Where do our funds come from? Especially during this pandemic

a. Two main fundraisers: The Galla and the Dragon Boat races

b. Dragon Boat Races: 20 Teams, for the past 6 years at Stone Lake. Though we cannot do the races at the lake this year, we are still continuing the celebration and fundraiser virtually the whole month of September.

c. As of today we have raised over $20,000

d. This week’s book from Sarah Hoyt is “Cat in the Hat”

C. Lynn . In charge of auditing with Nipsco

a. One of the big focuses that Nipsco has is safety and providing safe services

b. Has been with Nipsco for 19 years

c. They have a community event each year- Charity of Choice

d. It was fun to involve staff member from all departments across Nipsco in the Dragon Boat races participate and come together in unity

e. Giving back generates positive energy

D. Denise . Presentation of the Public Safety Grant

a. Nipsco helps support our goals to keep the community safe

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