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CLIP: Chat with Lisa Joesten

Tuesday at Ten Live Stream – August 11, 2020

Our Executive Director, Jeanne Ann Cannon, chats with our special guest Lisa Joesten – Empowering Students Success

Lisa earned a Masters degree in Education and has 30+ years experience in education, both as a teacher and as a diagnostician working with special education students.

Lisa ventured into academic coaching, serving middle school and high school students, to help them build the skills to be successful students.

Lisa teaches the soft skills, such as using a planner, creating a study space, setting goals and Weekend Regroups, which review grades and analyze what is working well for the student and what may not be working so well.

She adds that routines are a road map to help students manage stress. It is hard to start something new, but usually after a work, routines are set and new things become easier.

Lisa also talks about mindfulness, and encourages students to do guided mindfulness practices. Lisa may be reached on Facebook, Instagram and her website, empoweringstudentsuccess.com.

Thank you, Lisa, for presenting Dunebrook with school supplies to share with families we serve!

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