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CLIP: Chat with Michael Bober

Tuesday at Ten Live Stream – August 11, 2020

Our Executive Director, Jeanne Ann Cannon, chats with our special guest Mike Bober, Centier Bank AVP and Bank Manager in LaPorte.

Mike Bober, Centier Bank AVP and Bank Manager in LaPorte with special guest Pia Parrott, Branch Manager in Michigan City

Centier is proud to be celebrating 125 years in the community, and has led its staff through the pandemic with care and concern.

Mike is responsible for business and community relations in LaPorte County. Mike stressed the value and ease of online banking, and is especially passionate about educating the community on the Top Five Tips on identification theft. Mike shared this advice:

1. IRS and taxes due threats: a. Do not give any information to individuals posing as the IRS. The IRS will never call with threats regarding unpaid taxes.
2. Honeymoon Scheme a. Individuals, usually from overseas, seek out and gain the affection and trust from unsuspecting individuals with whom they play on the emotions to manipulate. Always providing reasons why he or she cannot visit, the schemer asks for money to be sent.
3. Business help a. Individuals pose as having a legitimate business to help businesses secure monies relating to COVID, and gain agreement to receive a percentage of the payment. The fraudulent business takes the money and is gone. Meanwhile, the legitimate business may be responsible for monies that are used in a fraudulent way.
4. Merchant processing targets a. If your credit card is used fraudulently, you may not know until your paper statement arrives to notice the illegal activity. Checking your statement online securely and timely helps you to be immediately responsive if you see something that does not look right.
5. Free trials a. Free trials may help you try out new products with little or no cost; however, if you do not cancel within the trial period, charges may add up quickly. Read the fine print to be sure that you are acting within the guidelines of the trial period, or you may be responsible for those charges.

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