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CLIP: Chat with Tim Gartland

Tim got involved with Dunebrook after hearing about our work at a Rotary meeting. He said, “I was so impressed with what I heard that I couldn’t help but get involved.”

“Tim’s spirit empowers us to do our work at Dunebrook.” -Jeanne Ann Cannon

With Co-Chair Ted Perzanowski, Tim has led Dunebrook’s Dragon Boat event since it was launched in 2014. He loves that the event gives us a chance to spread awareness for Dunebrook’s work, and raise money for that work. Tim has done an awesome job as the emcee atop the lifeguard stand and docks.

Tim also loves that the Dragon Boat Event is a family activity – even for his own family. Tim’s wife, Katy, a cardiac rehab nurse at Franciscan Health Michigan City, has helped lead her hospital team to win the Spirit Award again and again. She brings an unmatched enthusiasm to all that she does. His daughters, Norah and Natalie, have helped as runners on the beach, until they turned 13 and were old enough to paddle with their church or theatre team. His father-in-law, Joe Quigley, drives a chase boat and his mother-in-law, Bonnie, manages the massive scoreboard which is the gathering place for the hundreds of paddlers and spectators. His parents and other relatives have also helped out in countless ways.

Tim, Katy, Norah and Natalie are also passionate about LaPorte Little Theatre. They enjoy acting, directing, choreographing, singing and designing sets, along with all of the work to keep the nearly 100-year old community theatre running smoothly and entertaining audiences. They’re anxious for the LaPorte Little Theatre stage to re-open in the spring.

As busy as Tim is with the Dragon Boat Event and being an energetic ambassador for Dunebrook, LaPorte Little Theatre and Journey Church, by day he is a financial advisor in Michigan City. He helps families develop and achieve their financial goals. It’s a job that he loves, so much so that he says it doesn’t feel like work. 

As Jeanne Ann said, “Tim’s spirit empowers us to do our work at Dunebrook.”

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