Nurturing Parenting Program Facilitator Training

April 26, 27, 28 2017
Dunebrook, Inc 7451 W Johnson Rd, Michigan City, Indiana
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Central time

Beni Miller, National Trainer

Cost:  $300 plus $5 On-line Registration Fee


The Training includes a Facilitator Training Workbook and Program Implementation Guide, additional training materials; each trainee will complete the AAPI and NSCS assessments and receive a certificate of completion when the 3-day training has been completed.

Seven things to know about the Nurturing Parenting Programs are: there are approximately thirty Nurturing Programs, there are three levels of prevention and session dosage, Nurturing Program Sessions are delivered in three program models, Nurturing Program lessons are competency based, Nurturing Programs have built-in assessment and evaluation practices, Pre and Post program assessment and evaluations measures and process evaluation measures. The 3-day training will explain all seven components of the Nurturing Parenting Programs.

The 3-day training will also focus on incorporating the philosophy, skills and strategies of nurturing parenting. Participants will learn how to design home-based and group-based parenting programs utilizing the proven lessons of the Nurturing Parenting Programs. A hands-on approach to conducting home and group-based Nurturing Programs that includes facilitating weekly sessions and explains how to use program materials with diverse and multi-cultural populations.  The training program utilizes assessment tools, children’s and parents’ program activities, family home practice assignments, icebreakers, personal growth lessons, communication dialogue, activities for personal power, positive discipline techniques, building self-esteem, emotional regulation, stress management, self-concept and explores empathy in parents and children.  Participants will learn how to use the online version of the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2.1) and the Nurturing Skills Competency Scale (NSCS 3.0) to gather pre and post program outcome data.


The main entrance for Dunebrook is located in the back of the building (not facing Johnson Rd). Go in the door closest to the playground.