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Getting Ready for the Classroom

 Today’s book suggestion is The Pigeon Has to Go To School words and pictures by Mo Willems.

The Pigeon Has to Go To School is a fun book that will help you talk to you children about the jitters they may be experiencing with going to school. Just like starting a new job, starting school can feel stressful and create some anxiety for some children. The Pigeon Has To Go To School is a great book to create some fun and silly dialog that will help them navigate through some of that fear and anxiety .

14 preschool activities to get your child ready for the classroom



You can’t believe your little one is already starting school — preschool, that is. It’s a big transition for kid and parent alike, but luckily there are lots of kids activities you can do to help prepare your child.

1. Make spaghetti letters
2. Categorize everything
3. Play Simon Says
4. Explore same and different
5. Have fun with laundry
6. Ask “How do you feel?”
7. Build sensory bin
8. Color pages
9. Search for signs
10. Practice using scissors
11. Learn the five senses
12. Help with his coat
13. Give three-step directions
14. Make a balance beam

“All Fun & Books” is a weekly post from Sara, Dunebrook’s Public Education Coordinator. She is the mother of three-year-old twin girls.

At Dunebrook we invite parents to be the best parents possible.  In the spirit of trust, kindness and experience, we can be there with them and support them, and their children and entire family. 

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Public Education and Our Community:

The key to keeping children safe is prevention education. According to the Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute, 95% of child maltreatment is preventable through education.

Sounds good…what do I do next:

  • Call or email Sara Hoyt at 874-0007, sara@dunebrook.orgto receive specific information about our sexual abuse prevention trainings and parenting support groups.

Our prevention trainings and support groups are free and serve a variety of different settings.  We’ve been funded for over 30 years by the generosity of community grants, fundraising support and some federal program funding.