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Handling the Unexpected

Today’s book suggestion is Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues by Kimberly & James Dean. 

Pete the Cat is a fictional cartoon cat. A common theme in the Pete the Cat series is that something unexpected will happen to Pete. Pete is a good reminder to take things in stride, and a great example for children as well.


As we are all experiencing right now that life is unpredictable and sometimes we just have to adjust even though it may be hard.

Also, the repetitiveness of certain words and lines in the Pete the Cat stories helps a child feel accomplished. They can “read” like a big kid, and share the excitement of reading with younger children.

“James Dean Live on Instagram Every Mon, Wed, Fri @ 1pm ET

Join James Dean and Kimberly Dean for the Pete the Cat Club! Watch live art lessons from the creator of Pete himself, and learn how to draw Pete and his friends. Then kick back and relax while you enjoy storytime while James or Kim reads you favorite Pete the Cat books.

Currently happening every weekday @ 1pm ET on Instagram @petethecatofficial. “

At Dunebrook we invite parents to be the best parents possible.  In the spirit of trust, kindness and experience, we can be there with them and support them, and their children and entire family. 

We’re just a phone call away! 1-800-897-0007

Public Education and Our Community:

The key to keeping children safe is prevention education. According to the Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute, 95% of child maltreatment is preventable through education.

Sounds good…what do I do next:

  • Call or email Sara Hoyt at 874-0007, sara@dunebrook.orgto receive specific information about our sexual abuse prevention trainings and parenting support groups.

Our prevention trainings and support groups are free and serve a variety of different settings.  We’ve been funded for over 30 years by the generosity of community grants, fundraising support and some federal program funding.