Featuring The Nurturing Parenting Curriculum

What is Nurturing Parenting?

Nurturing Parenting is a free, fun, parent education course designed to educate, nurture and enrich parents’ and children’s relationships. Enhancing skills such as empathy, self-worth, empowerment and positive parenting. 

Sessions can be held virtually or in person.

Who Should Participate?

Expectant parents, new parents and parents with children of all ages.

What Will I Gain?

Nurturing Parenting will help new and existing parents build on strengths and develop new parenting techniques ensuring strong family foundations for a lifetime of family success.

We invite parents to be the best parents possible.  In the spirit of trust, kindness and experience, we can be there with them and support them, and their children and entire family.  We’re just a phone call away!

For More Information, Please Email or Call

Heather Taylor, heather@dunebrook.org · Tel. 219/874-0007 EXT 313