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Tuesday at Ten Live Stream with Dion Campbell, Michigan City Police Chief

Dunebrook’s Executive Director Jeanne Ann Cannon chats with Michigan City Chief of Police Dion Campbell – August 18, 2020

“If you see a problem, maybe you are the person who needs to step up to the plate and fix it.” – Chief Dion Campbell

If you missed today’s show, here is a quick recap:

5:34 Welcome, Dion Campbell & Introduction

7:56 Dion’s Life Campbell

8:27 Chief Campbell gained invaluable experience in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community by serving for many years as a School Resource Officer in Michigan City.

12:33 He encourages others to take initiative to get involved. Reflecting as a parent, Chief Campbell said that there many individuals who were pivotal in the lives of his four children. He added that we all have a chance to do that.

17:11 Chief Campbell commented that none of us wants injustices to any person. The situation at Lighthouse Place earlier in the summer highlighted the anger and hurt felt by some. By talking through their frustrations and listening to concerns, Chief Campbell, his officers and the crowd kept what could have become a violent situation from escalating.

20:14 Chief Campbell stressed that Michigan City doesn’t fit the narrative of the national movement. He explained that what happens in police departments elsewhere affects individual’s perceptions of our local police department. He complimented MCPD officers and noted the outpouring of love and support for the MCPD from the community. He stressed that we cannot let what’s happening nationally to slide into Michigan City and change our culture. He urged that we have to take a step back, think and come to the realization that television is telling us what to think. We have to “Still the Noise.”

26:38 Chief Campbell shared some tips for what each of us can do to make a difference in our community: · Be a good neighbor · Share love · Be compassionate · Walk away from casting judgment · Take initiative to get involved · Settle in your heart what type of person you want to be · Meet people where they’re at and start the process to walk them to where they want to be

30:06 He commented that the quarantine has given him an opportunity to self-reflect and evaluate himself and his family, and determine what kind of person he wants to be. He encouraged each of us to take a leadership role within our own families.

34:20 Finally, Chief Campbell stressed that we can decide in Michigan City what type of community we want to be. “No one can do life alone. We need each other.”

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