Healthy Families Program

Parenting Support for All Ages: Prenatally to 5 y.o.
  • The mission of Healthy Families of La Porte County is to support new parents and empower them to be the best parents they can be. Healthy Families systematically assesses parents in order to identify their strengths and needs…

Child Advocacy Center

Child Safety, Support and Education
  • The Child Advocacy Center offers child abuse investigators a child-friendly setting for interviewing alleged victims of child abuse.

Westville Little School

Family Focused Pre-School
  • A collaborative program between Dunebrook and Westville Schools. Westville Little School is a unique, innovative, and creative preschool program offering classes for ages 3-4

Public Education

Body Safety; Safer, Smarter Kids/Teens; Stewards of Children
  • Public Education delivers school and community-based presentations to children and adults. Age-appropriate presentations educate and empower children in grades K-12 to keep their bodies safe. Adults learn how to prevent, identify and respond responsibly to concerns for a child's safety.

Parent and Family Education

Parenting Groups
  • The Parent and Family Education Program utilizes a holistic approach to improving family relationships and functioning. The program engages with parental and childhood trauma to increase parental resilience in a nonjudgmental and discussion-based format with the aim to break generational cycles of hurtful parenting practices. We welcome any parent or caregiver with a significant role in a child’s life to join our groups and work to accommodate the needs of a variety of different family situations

Prevent Child Abuse La Porte County

Dunebrook is the Charter Council for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana for Laporte and Porter Counties
  • Prevent Child Abuse LaPorte County is building a community-wide approach to child maltreatment prevention with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness, alignment, and coordination of existing child maltreatment prevention efforts, as well as working together to identify new opportunities to support the resilience and well-being of all children and families in our community.