Parent & Family Education

What do we do?

The Parent and Family Education program takes a holistic and reflective approach to parenting groups to conquer generational patterns of family trauma. We believe that being a kid shouldn’t hurt and strive to increase positive parenting interactions between parents and children.


We currently utilize Nurturing Parenting as our primary curriculum. Nurturing Parenting is designed to increase skills in areas such as power and independence, age-appropriate expectations, peaceful and dignified discipline, empathy, bonding, and attachment, and increasing self-awareness and self-worth. 


What are Groups?

We work to make groups as convenient as possible for parents. We offer closed sessions at each of the local shelters, problem-solving courts, and Headstart of LaPorte County. If you are a member of any of those organizations, please inquire about the days and times of their programming.

We offer groups open to the public and would love to have you join! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to learn about our current offerings.

Are you part of a group, church, organization, or company that may be interested in your own private session? Reach out! Sessions can be held virtually or in person and are tailored to suit the needs and interests of your families. 

What Should I Expect From My First Group?

Signed up for classes? Nervous? Our sessions look very similar on the first day. Your facilitator will have some paperwork tasks such as filling out an attendance and confidentiality log, completing a pre-class assessment, and introducing themselves to the class.

Following that, the session starts either with a preview of the coming weeks or the first topic. In every session, you are encouraged to share and participate, but will never be forced to share information that you are uncomfortable giving.

Are you still nervous after reading this? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We will do our very best to ensure you feel comfortable and confident when you walk in or log on to your first group and all groups that follow!

What Will I Gain?

Working with Parent and Family Education will gain support and additional tools to introduce peace, structure, and healthy coping mechanisms for both parents and children involved in the program.


Interested in Classes?

Grow with Family-Friendly Activities!